QHub HPC is an opinionated open source deployment of jupyterhub based on an HPC jobscheduler. QHub HPC is a “distribution” of these packages much like Debian and Ubuntu are distributions of Linux. The high level goal of this distribution is to form a cohesive set of tools that enable:

  • environment management via conda and conda-store

  • monitoring of compute infrastructure and services

  • scalable and efficient compute via jupyterlab and dask

  • deployment of jupyterhub on prem without requiring deep devops knowledge of the Slurm/HPC and jupyter ecosystem


  • Scalable compute environment based on the Slurm workload manger to take advantage of entire fleet of nodes

  • Ansible based provisioning on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 nodes to deploy one master server and N workers. These workers can be pre-existing nodes in your compute environment

  • Customizable Themes for JupyterHub

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