Backups are performed in QHub HPC via restic an open source backup tool. It is extremely flexible on where backups are performed as well as supporting encrypted, incremental backups.


The following shows a daily backup on S3 for QHub.

  enabled: false
  on_calendar: "daily"
  randomized_delay: "3600"
    RESTIC_PASSWORD: "thisismyencryptionkey"
    AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: accesskey
    AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: mylongsecretaccesskey
  • enabled :: determines whether backups are enabled

  • on_calendar :: determines the frequency to perform backups. Consult systemd timer documentation for syntax

  • randomized_delay :: is the random delay in seconds to apply to backups. Usefull to prevent backups from all being performed at an exact time each day

  • environment :: are all the key value pairs used to configure restic. RESTIC_REPOSITORY and RESTIC_PASSWORD are required. The rest are environment variables for the specific backup repository.

Manual Backup

At any time you can trigger a manual backup. SSH into the master node.

sudo systemctl start restic-backup.service