ContainDS Dashboards

ContainDS Dashboards is a dashboard publishing colution that has been integrated with Qhub-HPC. Refer to the [main documentation](https:// for additional info.

Necessary Steps to use ContainDS Dashboards with Qhub-HPC

  • Add cdsdashboards to your jupyterhub environment

  • Add cdsdashboards-singleuser as well as the desired supported visualization libraries (panel, bokeh, voila, streamlit, plotlydash, rshiny, etc.) to one of your user environments. Note, each user environment also requires jupyterlab, jupyterhub, and batchspawner to function properly on qhub-hpc.

  • Set cdsdashboards.enabled to true in group_vars/all.yaml

  • Rerun ansible-playbook after adding the new environment.

Restarting a Stopped Dashboard

If you stop your dashboard from the Home tab of Jupyterhub, and wish to restart it then click the dashboard name, scroll to the bottom of the form, and push Save to retart. Do not click on the start button on the Home tab of Jupyterhub. This option does not work currently. _images/qhub-dashboards-bug.pngClick Green Highlighted Region to Restart Dashboard